Broken Tablet? Do This Before You Buy a New One

Tablet repair

Did you know that 80% of mobile web traffic that comes from tablets comes from iPads? Tablets are prevalent and what people use as an alternative to their phones to have a bigger screen to read, browse online, or watch a show on the go.

Like your phone, tablets have the same glass screens, and you may accidentally crack the screen or damage your tablet. Keep reading, and we will walk you through what to do if your tablet breaks because you don’t always need to spend money on a new one.

Broken Tablet

Not all devices last forever. From cellphones to laptops to tablets, there is always an accident or just general cracks or damage done over the years.

After having a tablet for a long time, newer versions come out, and your older version stops working. It starts working less quickly or isn’t able to get updated applications.

When you get an updated app on an older device, it may slow down. There are many ways that your device can slow down or break.

Your gut reaction when you crack your screen might be to buy a new one and get rid of the broken one. However, you can look into repairing a broken tablet screen.

U-Tech Electronics can help repair many different types of tablets. Check out our repair form here.

What To Do Before Buying a New Tablet

If you have a broken tablet, there are steps you can take before spending money on a new one. We will walk through what you should consider when deciding if repairing your broken tablet is worth it or better than replacing it with a new one.

There are factors you need to take it account. We will walk through some helpful tips to think about.

1. Compare Cost

If you’re concerned about the price of repairing, get a few quotes on how much it would cost to get the broken part of your tablet repaired. You can compare these costs with how much it would cost to get a new tablet.

You can decide which cost is more manageable and go from there; it’s all dependent on what works best for you.

2. Time

Is your tablet necessary for your everyday life, work, or school? Do you use it for your child, who is currently in school remotely?

If it’s necessary, you should talk to a repair place on how long it will take. If they have to erase the device and you have to reupload everything or if it will take a quick 20 minutes to get done.

3. Assess the Damage

The most common types of damage to an iPad include dropping at 30%, falling in the water of some kind at 18%, falling off your lap at 13%, knocking off of a table at 11%, and spilling on the device at 9%.

If the device is submerged in water, you can try putting it in rice overnight and see what it looks like the next day. If you knock it off the table and the screen cracks, try turning the device on and off and see if it works. Assess how much damage is done and consult a professional before making any significant decisions. If it’s at the point of no return, they will be able to tell you that.

4. Coverage

Do you have insurance on your tablet? There is specific insurance for devices now, and you can pay monthly if your device is damaged, lost, or stolen.

If you have insurance, it may lessen the cost of the damage and make it worth it to get it repaired instead of buying a new device. You can call your provider to see if you have a warranty or insurance, and they will be able to tell you what your policy covers.

It’s essential also to consider when you buy a new device; there are other expenses that may come into play if there are new features. You will also have to take the time to transfer everything from the old device to the new tablet.

You should consult with a professional, no matter what, before going to buy a new device. There are ways to fix your device that are quick and cost-efficient. It’s all dependent on the damage and how old your device is and if the issue is able to be fixed.

Professional Repair Services

U-Tech Electronics is a professional repair service that will walk you through many different types of devices and how they can repair them if there’s damage.

They aren’t affiliated with any phone or tablet providers, but they are able to fix the devices and know the ins and outs. It’s important to consult a professional before you do anything so you don’t damage your device further.

Reach out before you make any major devices, and one of our experienced employees can help talk you through the situation.

Get Your Tablet Repaired Today

If you have damaged your tablet, walk through everything we went over today and then decide if you need to buy a new one.

It’s not worth spending the extra money if you can get everything fixed and working good as new on your old device.

Assess the damage of your broken tablet today or contact us with any questions or to see if we have a location near you so you can come in and show us your damaged tablet.