7 Common iPhone Repair Mistakes to Avoid for New Owners

7 Common iPhone Repair Mistakes to Avoid for New Owners

You did really well getting that iPhone at a bargain price, didn’t you? If you have no idea what we are talking about, don’t worry, because no one ever gets a cheap deal when buying a phone. That is why it makes it so hard when the time comes to spend money on repairs.

It is actually possible to fix some iPhone problems yourself. However, it is a minefield, and to assist we have prepared a list of 7 iPhone repair mistakes to help you out.

1. Getting Cheap Replacements

Everyone understands how much phones cost, especially the latest iPhone. It can be tempting to save a little extra on the cost of repairs. This is usually done by opting for cheaper replacement parts.

This is a false economy. Products that repair the phone but are not genuine are often not made to the same stringent quality checks the branded parts are. They will break in no time at all, and may even damage your phone further.

When replacing parts, make sure you visit a certified service center. They will have all the correct, official parts that you need to repair your broken phone.

2. iPhone Repair Mistakes With Cleaning

You may treat your phone like a newborn child, but even they get dirty and need a wash sometimes. Even when in your pocket, your phone is picking up dirt and fluff from fabrics. When you take it out, it is exposed to the pollutants and dust that exists naturally in the atmosphere.

The truth is that your phone is actually dirtier than a toilet seat. Cleaning it with a microfibre cloth can increase the life of the phone and cut down the length of repairs that do happen. It is recommended that you do not use any off the shelf fluids or sprays on your phone, as this can damage it even further.

One final tip is to clean any ports on your iPhone. Charging sections and headphones slots attract dirt and grime very easily, stopping them from working. Get a paperclip and use a small piece of cotton wool on the end to clean the inside of these areas.

3. Not Backing Up

Before you do any phone repairs, make sure you have backed-up all of your data. This is true when doing repairs at home or handing it over to a service center. You will not want to lose all of your pictures, videos, and contact numbers in the event of a reset.

Store all of your data in the cloud or send it to another secure place. Even if it is a routine service, accidents, and technical glitches can occur that are easily avoidable.

4. Using Unauthorised Service Centres

Providing you bought your phone brand new, it will be under a warranty covering it from any defects and problems. This warranty only stays valid if you follow Apple’s stringent rules, one of which is taking it to authorized dealers for repair. If you don’t do this, you will end up paying and losing your warranty.

Authorized dealers have also undergone training and checks that unauthorized dealers have not. They have a direct line to Apple should anything out of their level of experience go wrong, meaning you are getting the best possible repair. In addition, they will stock genuine parts that will keep your phone going for longer.

5. Avoiding Updates

Updates are really annoying. They ask you to input codes and plugin at night, all for an update that seems to do nothing whatsoever. In addition, many people believe that these updates actually slow down your phone or are used to turn your phone into a technological dinosaur so you will purchase a new one.

The truth is much different. Updates are an essential part of any maintenance and repair. They keep your phone running in a world of new apps, browser extensions, and file types.

In addition to this, many of them are security updates. As hackers become more sophisticated and clever, updates protect your details and documents. Do not sacrifice this security.

6. Postponing Screen Repairs

Fixing cracked screens can be expensive, and after the cost of the phone, are not something you really want to shell out for. However, if left unfixed, a tiny crack can cause huge problems. In addition, if the glass shatters it could injury to yourself and those around you.

The tiny crack can quickly become a larger one. This can allow dirt and grime into the inside of the unit. You will also find that your screen soon becomes uncooperative or loses pixels.

Repairs on any other elements should also not be left unattended. Overheating is one of the major problems and can cause irreparable damage to your phone if left to continue.

7. Overloading and Overcharging

When repairing an iPhone, make sure that the memory is not being overloaded. With access to the cloud, many people seem to think their phone has infinite resources. This is not true.

At least 25% of the phone’s memory should be free. If not, try to delete apps and files that are taking up valuable space. This should help with any lagging problems.

Finally, when replacing a battery, make sure that overcharging is not a regular occurrence. Overcharging actually runs the battery down over time so that 100% charge actually does not last long at all. Make sure whenever the phone hits full charge, it is unplugged immediately.

Repair Your Phone Today!

Hopefully, you have repaired that phone easily and successfully with our iPhone repair mistakes checklist. However, iPhones are complex pieces of technology and it is not always possible to fix them yourself. If you need professional help, call or Whatsapp our experienced staff today for a quote.