iPhone 6 Plus catches fire in woman’s bedroom

iPhone that caught fire

Another iPhone has caught fire, this time while the device was in the owner’s bedroom. According to Yvette Estrada, via ABC30, her iPhone 6 Plus burst into flames while sitting on a dresser, causing damage to two Apple Watch stands and a pair of reading glasses. This is the second reported iPhone fire in a week.

“I heard a sizzling, then we heard the pop and the whole fire was coming out of the screen,” Estrada told ABC30.

To put the fire out, Estrada’s husband threw the iPhone in a sink. The couple then called 911.

Estrada said she has been in contact with Apple, and the company has replaced her iPhone 6 Plus and offered her a new Apple Watch stand. (Apparently, Estrada was informed she’d need to pay for an iPhone 7 if she wanted to upgrade.)

Firefighters who showed up at the scene claim the iPhone was faulty but it’s unclear what specifically malfunctioned with the device. The iPhone of another owner, Darin Hlavaty, also exploded this week while the handset was in his back pocket.

Samsung has encountered a similar situation with the Galaxy Note 7 this week. Following September’s recall, a supposedly “safe” unit caught fire while the owner was boarding an airplane. A recent Bloomberg report claims the incident could lead to a second recall.