AT&T may cancel Galaxy Note 7 sales in unprecedented move following latest fire

back of galaxy note 7

AT&T may soon stop selling the Galaxy Note 7 entirely, according to Bloomberg. The news follows an incident on a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this week, in which an owner of a replacement Galaxy Note 7 — one that wasn’t supposed to be prone to catching fire — caught fire while the plane was still on the ground. The Verge confirmed the particular Galaxy Note 7 unit in question was from the new batch of phones Samsung began selling after the initial recall.

Bloomberg said AT&T is “considering stopping all sales” of the device, but it doesn’t appear a decision has been made final yet. Samsung and the U.S. CPSC are still investigating the Southwest Airlines incident, and Samsung still hasn’t gone on the record confirming that it was indeed a replacement device. It’s possible the Galaxy Note 7 still faces a second recall if Samsung and the CPSC believe the device could still put consumers at risk.

If AT&T stops selling the Galaxy Note 7, it’s possible other carriers might follow suit. That would essentially give carriers the power of taking Samsung’s flagship smartphone off of the market before Samsung even makes a decision. It would be an unprecedented move.

Bloomberg said AT&T may decide as soon as tonight (Friday) on whether or not to stop selling the Galaxy Note 7.

An AT&T representative was not immediately available for comment. Samsung was also not immediately available for comment.