XBox One Repair

Xbox One Repair


If you are looking for a XBox One repair U-Tech Electronics has the expertise, parts and tools to professionally repair it and get it back to working condition in no time. When your XBox One needs anything from a motherboard repair to a broken HDMI port you can count on our experience to get it done fast and efficiently.

Device Description

XBox One Summary

The Xbox One is powered by an AMD “Jaguar” Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) with two quad-core modules totaling eight x86-64 cores clocked at 1.75 GHz, and 8 GB of DDR3 RAM with a memory bandwidth of 68.3 GB/s.

XBox One Repairs

  • XBox One Blinking Blue Light
  • XBox One Blinking Red Indicator Light
  • XBox One Motherboard
  • XBox One Power Supply
  • XBox One HDMI Port
  • XBox One Hard Drive Replacement
  • XBox One Controller Repair
  • XBox One Disk not Reading

XBox One Models

  • Model 150: Original Xbox One, released in 2013
  • Model 151: Xbox One S, released in 2016
  • Model 170: Xbox One X, released in 2017
  • Model 191: Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, released in 2019

Let us Fix Your XBox One

  • Free Diagnostics / Estimates
  • Same Day Repairs
  • Only High Quality Parts
  • Professionally trained Technicians
  • Friendly customer service
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


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