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If you are looking for a Playstation 3 repair U-Tech Electronics has the expertise, parts and tools to professionally repair it and get it back to working condition in no time. When your Playstation 3 needs anything from a motherboard repair to a yellow light of death you can count on our experience to get it done fast and efficiently.

Device Description

Playstation 3 Summary

First unveiled at E3 in Los Angeles, May 2005, the PlayStation 3 (PS3) is a follow-up to Sony’s successful PlayStation and PlayStation 2 consoles and is due for release early 2006. Powered by the “Cell” processor, developed jointly by IBM, Sony and Toshiba, it boasts processing power equivalent to a super computer, with graphics and animation more fluid and realistic than ever thanks to its advanced graphics processor and XDR memory, co-developed with nVidia.

Also introduced with the PlayStation 3 is the BD-ROM (Blu-ray Disc ROM), which is capable of storing a up to 54GB on a single dual layer disc, meaning that games can be stored at high definition quality, with 1080 progressive scan as standard. Not only does the system support this new type of disc, it will also play DVDs and CDs, including PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games (backwards compatibility).

The system features Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which it uses for its controllers, enabling up to 7 controllers to connect to the console without any wires. Also featured is 6 USB ports for connecting various USB devices as well as slots for Memory Stick, SD card and Compact Flash media, and a detachable hard drive for saving games, etc.

Playstation 3 Repairs

  • Playstation 3 Does not turn on
  • Playstation 3 Yellow Light of Death
  • Playstation 3 Motherboard
  • Playstation 3 Power Supply

Playstation 3 Models

  • Alpha series: Released in November 2006
    • CECHA00: 20 GB model
    • CECHB00: 60 GB model
  • 2000 series: Released in September 2007
    • CECHC00: 20 GB model
    • CECHH00: 40 GB model
    • CECHL00: 60 GB model
  • 3000 series: Released in October 2008
    • CECHK00: 160 GB model
    • CECHL00: 250 GB model
    • CECHL12: 320 GB model
  • 4000 series: Released in September 2009
    • CECHE00: 120 GB model
    • CECHG00: 250 GB model
    • CECHG03: 320 GB model

Let us Fix Your Playstation 3

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