U-Tech Update on Operations During Coronavirus

Covid Update

Helping the community during COVID-19

Here at U-Tech, we take the health and safety of our customers and staff very serious. As a precaution, we closed temporarily in order to assess the actions needed to better protect and comply with regulations currently in place by the CDC. Our goal is to maintain the quality of the experience while ensuring the health and safety of our staff and customers through enhancement of our operation.

As an essential business we know that we are needed now more than ever, as electronics and technology is now dependable as a means of communicating with our loved ones, schooling for students, reaching our doctor via Telehealth, ordering of goods, and much more.

Action and Guidelines

We are committed to providing essential services during this outbreak. In order to do so, we have have implemented guidelines which are being followed by our members of staff in order to ensure the Health and Safety during the experience.

Our staff:

  • regular cleaning of work spaces and highly touched surfaces
  • washing hands frequently
  • wear gloves and face masks at all times
  • sanitize all devices coming in as well as going out through appropriate solutions and/or UV-C light

Our customers:

  • work on social distancing by limiting the number of people inside the store at one time
  • guided barriers with floor distance signs in order to maintain a safe distance between other people
  • addition of “sneeze guards” at each cashier station
  • as a New Jersey regulation, face masks must be worn at all times

Our team members are asked to stay home should they feel any sign of illness. By operating during this crisis we want to act responsibly by keeping our community safe. We ask that customers help by sharing this responsibility and maintaining a high level of caution and exercising the same hygiene practices recommended so we can all stay healthy and safe.

We are keeping a close eye on federal and state regulations and we will update our operation accordingly. Updates will be posted here.

Thank you for the support as we live through this difficult time. We will overcome it together.

Stay safe and Healthy,
The U-Tech team.