Galaxy S8 leaks out early as new launch date surfaces

A photo posted to Chinese micro-blogging network Weibo gives us our first glimpse at Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy S8 ahead of its official debut. The device has a curved display and super slim bezels, but it’s missing Samsung’s traditional home button.

Samsung is one of the only Android vendors that has been clinging onto physical home buttons, while its rivals choose to use the platforms virtual controls instead. But rumors have claimed that will change for this year’s Galaxy S8 refresh, and this image appears to confirm it.

The handset looks identical to an earlier render of the Galaxy S8, which you can also see above — though the bezels above and below the display are slightly larger on the real thing. Samsung has also shifted its logo to the bottom of the phone, whereas it traditionally appears at the top.

It’s unclear whether there is a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device, or whether it will be embedded under the glass on the front —as some reports have promised. We also can’t tell from this image whether the Galaxy S8 will have a headphone jack.

Sadly, there are no specifications to accompany the image, but according to recent speculation, the Galaxy S8 will have a pressure-sensitive display like the iPhone, support for an S Pen, and a massive 6-inch Display with Quad HD resolution.

A separate report that has surfaced today claims Samsung has now decided on a date for the Galaxy S8’s official unveiling, which is Tuesday, April 18. It’s thought the handset will get a dedicated press event in New York City.


Source: TechnoBuffalo